Apprenticeships in Kirklees – Mythbusting

Apprenticeships – Common perceptions Vs Reality

Every week is Apprenticeship Week in Kirklees.

Whilst College and University are the main sought out routes for young people, the rise in tuition fees and a competitive market for graduate roles has caused young people to reconsider and look at apprenticeships as a career route.

Most of us know that apprenticeships have been around for years, successfully paving the way for people to enter different industries and make a career for themselves. However, there is still a stigma against apprenticeships for being low paid and for “dropouts”. This isn’t the case.

Apprenticeships have become a popular route for employers to recruit new staff across a range of industries and broadening our sectors. Here are some common myths that get thrown about regarding apprenticeships and the reality! 

Myth 1 – “Apprenticeship wages are really low and they can only earn £3 an hour”

This isn’t the case.

An apprenticeship is a viable alternative to university and college that can provide excellent progression opportunities whilst gaining that essential working experience.

Pay for apprentices is often higher than the National Minimum Wage rate – currently £4.15 per hour for those aged under 19 or in the first year of their apprenticeship. A first-year apprentice is likely to earn around £6.65 if they are working at an intermediate or advanced level – some £2.75 (71%) higher than the statutory rate. Higher and degree-level apprentices are likely to receive more than double the hourly rate – typically earning £8.44 and £9.14 respectively.

Degree apprenticeships have become a popular alternative to University for the on the job experience apprentices are guaranteed which gives a competitive advantage when applying for full-time jobs later on.

Myth 2 – “Apprenticeships are for people who couldn’t pass their exams or dropped out of school.”

This isn’t true. Apprenticeships are inclusive and can provide level 2 opportunities for people who didn’t have as much luck in their GCSEs as others. They can progress onto the higher-level courses too that are available for school leavers, such as Advanced, Higher and Degree apprenticeships.
Depending on the employer and the role, most employers just want an apprentice that is enthusiastic and willing to learn.

Myth 3 – “Apprentices do the work other people don’t want to do.”

Whilst in a way, yes apprentices can take on tasks from other members of the team. It all helps to build work experience. No one goes into a new job and immediately manages their workload. So as apprenticeships provide a foot in the door, doing tasks that others may delegate is a way to show positivity and enthusiasm to do that job.

This can help when looking at progression and the ability to work within a team and a variety of tasks.

Myth 4 – “There isn’t enough support on apprenticeships out there for young people”

There is support out there, it’s knowing where to find it!

In Kirklees Works Better 15-25 is here to help. Whether you want a quick chat about careers or one to one support to access apprenticeship opportunities the team can help.

We work with C&K Careers to provide a bespoke service to help young people find the right career path for them, whether it is apprenticeships, Work, College or University.

We provide job clubs that you can drop into and chat with our team every week, to ask questions and get advice.

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