Our friendly teams

Our friendly teams

Our teams are friendly and supportive and ready to help you with your next steps into work.

We are working with Fusion Housing, Paddock Community Trust and Proper Job Theatre Company. 

We have already supported many people in the following areas;

  • Childcare - We have helped people find suitable childcare so they can go back to work without worrying about the kids

  • Quick application support - We can help you get in that quick application that you would like support with. 

  • Low self-esteem - We understand that getting into work is a big jump for many people and have helped people build their confidence at their own pace

  • Health issues - We have supported people to find jobs with supportive employers

  • Outdated skills - No bother. Our training has helped develop skills in the areas that employers want

Our experienced team will create a programme for you that maximises your potential and gets you back into work.




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