Inductions and the effects on staff retention.

Inductions and the effects on staff retention

An effective induction … or the lack of one, can make the difference between a new employee successfully settling within the team or leaving very quickly. Research shows that this can affect absenteeism levels, engagement and staff turnover.

The Challenge
The retail sector is the UK’s largest private sector employer with 2.9 million employees. (The Retail Appointment) Yet the replacement of employees in retail can create issues with morale, turnover and effect a company’s bottom line. Ensuring you recruit right can be a huge factor to retention, but what about once you have recruited the staff?
The first few weeks after starting is crucial to whether or not new recruits decide to stay. Employers could be missing a trick by not doing a structured induction process for new employees.

The Solution
The Co-Operative in Marsh has an induction process that not only develops their staff in the first weeks of employment but embeds them into the team straight away increasing morale and productivity.
To ensure that work is carried out correctly and new employees are able to pick up the essential skills straight away they offer;

  • A mentor for the new recruits to guide them and offer support if needed
  • Online training to understand the companies values and expectations of staff
  • Operate an open door policy with store managers to encourage conversations and support staff if they have any problems / queries or just need some guidance
  • Mandatory health and safety training
  • A chance at doing different roles to see what best fits that person and identify their strengths in the team
  • Retail skills training course which can be taken to any other retailer giving staff valuable knowledge
  • Additional training as required

Because of the focussed time and attention new employees receive, the Co-Op Marsh has seen a decrease in staff turnover and produced a team that works cohesively.

*Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) survey May 2013 reports

  • 42% of workers are motivated by how well they get on with their colleagues,
  • 22% by how they are treated by their managers
  • 22% by how much control they have over their work

Having a cohesive team environment has proven to be a deal breaker for staff when joining a new workplace, the induction process that Co-Op Marsh implements recognises this and encourages new recruits to integrate with the team straight away.
Lee Welburn, Store manager at co-op marsh commented;

“By providing a mentor to new staff it really does give new employees the chance to bounce ideas off each other and understand more about their role and the company, but most importantly get a feel for the team dynamics. Not only does it support new recruits but it helps existing staff to build their mentoring and leadership skills and can often support them into management positions’’

Some thoughts on inductions
Inductions are important across all sectors.
They have proven to be a good method of introducing the company’s values and supporting the development of new employees.
Having a cohesive environment is essential to staff retention to its important to include a mentor or Buddy system to introduce the new recruits, team building or getting to know you sessions are also an option to encourage integrating within the team quickly.
If you would like some advice on how to implement a successful induction process our team would be happy to help




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