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Yorkshire Children’s Centre

Yorkshire Children’s Centre is a charitable organisation based in Huddersfield, providing practical services aimed at improving the lives of children, young people, adults, older people and families most in need.

With 100 staff already employed the company was looking to recruit more staff but wasn’t successful in finding the right candidates online. After engaging with a Works Better job connector and gaining a better understanding of employment programmes available the company wanted to look at more inclusive recruitment process, with the aim of extending job opportunities to people who have been out of the labour market and supporting them back on their feet into employment.

Charlie is the most recent recruit to The Yorkshire Children’s Centre, after coming to Works Better as a single parent, looking for work that was flexible and understanding of her childcare needs. A young person, she had been out of work for six months since finishing maternity leave in her old job.
After interviewing Charlie, the company decided she was the right person for the role of Kitchen Assistant. With a Works Better Job Connector, they worked to ensure that the company could accommodate her needs.

They offered flexibility in the role and ensured that they were adaptable when needed and that Charlie wouldn’t lose any hours if she had to leave because of childcare, allowing her to make those hours back up at appropriate times.

These changes have supported Charlie’s wellbeing in the workplace and as a result, Charlie has got her confidence back, enjoys her work and has already taken ownership of weekly events that happen and leads on the organising and preparation.

Works Better started engaging with the Yorkshire Children’s Centre in 2017 and has worked with the team to fill five vacancies in this time.
Embracing more inclusive recruitment and being open to different ways of working has supported the business to develop their staff and support the retention of employees.

Following the support from Works Better the company will be getting involved with the Career Learning Pilot, that’s been launched this year in the Leeds city region

This will help to raise awareness amongst their paid and voluntary workforce of the benefits of learning and up-skilling, even when in work, encouraging them to consider the skills they may need for future work, and support employees to address some of challenges and barriers they may have around motivation to develop their careers.


WS Bentley 

WS Bentley specialises in the growing and production of salad produce. Based in Gomersall this company has been established since 1956.

The production manager, Artur met with a job connector and talked through the alternative recruitment options available via Works Better and some language barriers were identified with current staff.

The company has a large workforce that is diverse with people from all different cultures and ethnicities. However to be able to grow the company and to support the development of their staff, a language barrier was identified, 75% of production staff have low-level English Language Skills.

This makes it harder for those staff to progress into senior roles, as it would entail talking with suppliers and dealing with enquiries and inputting data into systems.

To find a suitable solution Works Better engaged with existing ESOL provision in Kirklees on behalf of the company to see if there was a way to tackle this and support the development of staff and their families.

Local ESOL provision has started with over 30 employees attending and has opened up training to the worker's families and friends with a goal of supporting other generations in finding more sustainable employment and secure better educational prospects. Not only is this supporting the development of the workforce but increasing social value across Kirklees, bringing opportunities to residents that otherwise may not have known it was available.


Yorkshire Dama Cheese 

Sowerby Bridge based business Yorkshire Dama Cheese has been established for 4 years and has already seen tremendous growth for the company.

Yorkshire Dama Cheese specialises in the production and wholesale of Halloumi cheese. Winning 18 awards so far the company is looking to keep growing. After winning a large contract to supply Morrison’s with their own Halloumi cheese, the company saw a need to recruit and contacted a Works Better Job Connector to see if they could provide support.

Being a company that promotes the importance of selling of local produce Razan Alsous, Founder of the company wanted to make sure that they were giving employment opportunities to local residents before actively promoting their vacancies through wider channels like indeed.
Razan commented;

‘’The process was really quick and saved us a lot of time and resource. After meeting with Joanne we had CVs sent to us pretty much straight away and we managed to recruit two new members of staff from this. ‘’

The company struggles to retain staff because the shifts depend on the seasons and summer has more hours than winter due to the nature of the product. So finding the right people can be difficult.

‘’ I found the service really helpful, the Job Connectors knew more about the local labour market than we did and it's really helpful knowing that when we next want to recruit we can use the programme again. It cost us nothing and we are proud to be hiring local people and supporting them back into employment. ‘’

Yorkshire Dama Cheese will continue to look for new staff through Works Better creating employment opportunities for local residents.


Newly Wed Foods 

Ossett Food manufacturer embraces more inclusive recruitment practices with Works Better in a recruitment drive to fill 19 jobs.

Newly Weds Foods the market leader in the manufacture of coatings, seasonings, functional ingredient systems and flavourings, Based in Ossett, Wakefield. Has recently started to look at growing its current workforce.

The company has created 19 job vacancies in the past 2 months and was struggling to fill them and were looking for alternative routes of recruitment.

After meeting with a Works Better Job Connector, Marianne. The company reviewed the roles that they had available and identified a new recruitment solution to look at a different approach to recruitment.

The company was keen to ensure that their vacancies were accessible to local residents and especially those who are struggling to find employment.
Together with Marianne, the company looked to set up an ‘open recruitment event’. The whole company got involved with the planning stages, including operations to provide site tours, the R&D team to present a selection of the foods they manufacture and the whole staffing team promoted the event to those who were unemployed looking for work.

The Works Better team across Wakefield and Dewsbury worked tirelessly over the short period of time allocated to engage, invite and prepare candidates to attend on the day.

On the morning of the event, the site was well prepared to accept jobseekers through the doors, the company had provided refreshments and lunch and had a comprehensive tour from Paul Mackie, Newly Weds Foods Shift Supervisor.
58 People were in attendance and from this 20 interviews were carried out since the event with 9 candidates offered and accepting roles, with further roles still to be allocated.

Helen Buckley HR Manager from Newly Wed Foods said;
“From a Business’ perspective, it has been excellent. All departments got involved and supported with the organisation and delivery it’s been really well-received from our current workforce and they can’t wait to get involved in the next one.

Working in partnership with Works Better has made a big difference to our usual recruitment activities, it felt effortless and we will be looking to continue this over the next year. “



Brewfitt is a family business based in Huddersfield, specialising dispensary in the pub and bar industry.

Currently employing 17 members of staff the company is projected to grow over the next 5 years and create more jobs.

A Job Connector from Works Better came to see the managing director James Paxman to talk about the current workforce and see where value could be best added with some job carving.

It was discovered through the carving process that valuable sales time and resource was being spent on administrative duties for a majority of the working week, decreasing the number of sales that the sales team were able to secure.

By reviewing all the main functions of the sales role and evaluating what time could be spent elsewhere Brewfitt created an additional role of Office Assistant. The company chose to open the vacancy up to candidates on Works Better who had been out of work for a while to let them have a chance to showcase their skills and take on this new role and make it their own.

When asked how they found the job carving process and the recruitment through Works Better James Paxman MD said;

“The process has been really positive, there was a lot of support from the start the team at works better took the time to understand the company and the working environment to help with their shortlisting when selecting candidates to put forward to see if it was suitable for them as well as us.’’

The recruitment of the new member assistant has also helped other members of the team to develop by taking on a supervisor role supporting the office assistant and upskilling their current skills set which is great.”



Working Interviews with Auto Silicone Hoses

Works Better 


Keeping staff Co-operative

The Co-Op is the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer with more than 2,500 local stores. Globally the Co-op stores are owned by more than seventeen and a half million people across the world.

Being one of the UK's top supermarket chains, however, opens local stores up to a flood of vacancy applications which can be very time consuming and costly to the business. The Co-Op Marsh store saw the problem, with their recruitment process and approached the team at Works Better to see if there was any support able to make the process easier. 

The Co-Operative in Marsh, Kirklees has often found it difficult to recruit the right staff, with many people putting on a good interview but often showing their inadequacy to do the role once in place. This was highlighted when the store started to undertake a £1.2million refurbishment of the store, having suitable staff in place was essential to keep business as usual.

Lee Welburn Co-Op Marsh, Store Manager approached Works Better to see if there was any support available.

Stephanie, a Job connector for Works Better was able to support the Co-Op in reviewing the current process and enabling the team to recruit new staff whilst taking away the additional time that would have been spent on the recruitment.

When asked about how he found the process Lee said,

"The process has been really good. We get a lot of people who are good in interviews either because they have the training to do so and are confident however it’s proven when they start the job it’s into for them and they aren’t suitable. The process we went through doing recruitment through works better was really beneficial, it helped us to be able to assess the candidates in terms of their capabilities and how they will fit into the company."

Middleton Manufacturing Creates Two New Jobs through Works Better

Cleckheaton based business, Middleton Manufacturing has appointed two new members of staff to support the growth of the business through the support of the Works Better Employment programme.

Middleton Manufacturing is the largest carpet conversion company in the UK specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of car mats.

Andy Schofield, Operations Manager at Middleton Manufacturing sought support from the Works Better Job Connector to help establish their recruitment needs and source two new employees.
The company currently employs 60 staff and will be looking to increase this as the business delivers against its growth plans.

With the support of the Works Better team, the company was able to recruit an Administration and Accounts assistant and an additional Warehouse Operative. Identifying and filing these two roles adds additional skills to the organisation and strengthens the workforce.

Andy Schofield comments;

"The service we received was great; the selection process was filtered which made the process much easier and the in work support follow up has been brilliant.

Bringing on the extra members of staff will help us to achieve our target of growing the business by 20% this year ’’


Providor Ltd Invests in Works Better

Calderdale based Providor Ltd, have recently invested in the Works Better Employment programme to recruit new members of staff.

Providor Ltd works across the UK installing and maintaining domestic smart meters on behalf of energy providers. Since June 2016 the company has seen a large increase in growth. After winning £39m metering contract in the West Midlands with Scottish Power the company has looked to recruit more staff to accommodate the demand for services.

Liz Riley, Recruitment Manager at Providor Looked to their local Job Connector to see what support was available in recruiting new members to their expanding team.
Liz Commented;

"There’s a huge demand out there to get people back into work. We understand the challenges that people face when looking to get their first job or even returning to work and it can be hard. We are looking to support people in their career, if they stay with us long term then that’s great but if they move on to other paths then that’s fine too; we are about supporting people here and it's worked in our favour because of that.

Works Better seemed to have the same values and that was worth finding out more.

Works Better saved us around £1,000 in recruitment agency fees per person we take on, which is a huge saving for any business." 

Works Better supported the company by sourcing a Smart Metering Planner to join their call centre in Elland, and will continue to support the company in their recruitment needs.


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