Attracting a diverse range of candidates with better job advertisements

Attracting a diverse range of candidates with better job advertisements

Recruiting a diverse workforce can enhance creativity and innovation in the workplace. But how can employers look to attract a diverse range of candidates?

It all starts with a job advert which provides details about the role, organisation and company values accompanied with an engaging job specification.

It’s important to be clear on what you want to achieve from recruiting this person; what impact will the role have on the company? This helps people to get a sense of value, understand the purpose of the job and how they could contribute.

Not only should the purpose of the role be clear but also the expectations of the work involved. If the job description is vague and you are not clear on the expectations it can put people off as they are unable to see if they have the right experience or meet the criteria. This could also lead to lots of people applying without the necessary skills or experience because the key points of the role haven’t been specified.

We recommend the following to help your recruitment be as
effective as possible:

 1.  Be creative

When advertising the role you want it to stand out against other job ads as there will be plenty of similar vacancies across jobs pages that an applicant will see. It helps to make your adverts more appealing and inclusive so that you are not limiting the talent that is attracted to your role.

This could be by saying flexible working is available, providing a quick snapshot of your current diverse team or providing a “day in the life” of the previous post holder.

Instead of using jargon such as ‘proven track record, hit the ground running’ or a ‘self-starter’,use phrases that brings your job description to life and gives an overview to the role, outlining the personal qualities you like to see in your staff.

Some companies and recruitment agencies have started using infographics to show they are hiring – these are shared easily across social media and gain more attention.

2. What makes you stand out?

Recruitment processes are a two way street. It’s up to that person to apply for a job and want to work for you. So why should they apply to work at your company over others… what makes your company stand out?

Make sure as a company you are selling yourself in how you recognise your staff are your key asset, how you support your staff and invest in your workforce. Showing you’re an employer that puts your staff first is attractive to an applicant and will help you to attract the best available talent.

3.Team dynamics are important.

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) survey May 2013 reports that 42% of workers are motivated by how well they get on with their colleagues.

It’s important that applicants get a feel for the team they would be joining - are they creative; is it a cohesive environment; is there a lively culture in the office /warehouse; does everyone put in 110% into their work?

Make it clear that you have an equality and diversity policy and welcome people from all backgrounds, genders, abilities and ethnicities. Strong applicants will do their research before applying, it helps to incorporate imagery of diverse professionals into website and recruitment materials to show inclusivity.

4. What are the benefits?

Let people be aware of progression routes available; you may have a bonus scheme or offer flexible working. Only 1 in 7 vacancies in West Yorkshire offer flexible working, severely down the job options for people who need it. The shortage of flexible jobs is a significant barrier to entering work or moving jobs to progress their career.*Timewise flexible jobs index for West Yorkshire

Showing the benefits of working in your company and what that can do for an
applicant’s work-life balance & long term career progression is a hook for most people and the offer of training and development opportunities is often a strong attraction to potential recruits.

 If you would like support with makign your job adverts more effective then our job connectors would be happy to help!