Supporting full time parents into work

Debbie had limited work experience after becoming a full time mum

Debbies story shows how we can help introduce people to employers to make getting into work easier.

Debbie had only ever worked in one job before as she had spent most of her adult life being a full-time parent to her six children. Limited work experience and ongoing childcare responsibilities were acting as a barrier to work.

However, coaching and support from her Transitional Support Worker helped Debbie recognise and develop transferable skills learnt as a parent. Impartial information advice and guidance helped to identify of roles available that would suit her family life.

With the help of her Transitional support worker Debbie we found a role that was perfect for her. We encouraged the employer to meet candidates based on a job connector pre-screening process without the need for a CV beforehand. The Job Connector also ensured that the employer was aware of Debbie’s situation and the need to work flexibly occasionally.

Debbie has been in work for over 6 months now and feels more independent. When the Works Better team caught up with Debbie she said:

“I absolutely love working here, this job has given me so much confidence and time for myself. I haven’t worked for a long time, I’ve always just raised my children, the 16 hours a week gives me my own independence and I get to meet new people.”


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