Interview support gets lee back into work

Working interviews got lee back into work

Lee is a great example of how Works Better briefing sessions and working interviews can have a positive impact on residents.

Lee came to Works Better after losing his job. He was keen to get back into work but presented himself as having very low confidence, making very little eye contact and being very quiet and withdrawn especially when meeting new people, which meant that interviews were a huge challenge.

He attended a briefing session on jobs available with a Job Connector and decided to join a work trial. After a week into the work trial, the company recognised Lee’s work ethic and potential, selecting Lee to become a member of the team and work full time on the assembly and production line. He’s now passed his probation period has recently moved to a building role on the production line learning new skills.

His manager told the team that if she had interviewed him one to one, that he wouldn’t have been successful because of the lack of eye contact he made and his difficulty making conversation that he would hold at first. However, because the working interview gave the company a chance to see his skills and how Lee could work within the team. He passed with flying colours showing energy and enthusiasm to do the job.



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