How to get the most out of work experience?

When you are unemployed and struggling to find work, it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated and busy.

People that have taken part in work experience opportunities have come out of it, feeling motivated, confident and in most cases with a job at the end of it.

Why do work experience?

• Gives you a chance to update your skills and get back into a working environment
• Helps you decide what type of work you would like to peruse
• Looks great on your CV
• Shows employers you are willing to learn more about their company and benefit yourself

See how work experience helped Caroline get the experience she needed to re start her career.

Caroline started her career the creative department at Hallmark cards. Here she designed greeting cards that we bought and sent around the world. In 2010, she left the company to raise her two children, but is now looking to get back into employment.

After being out of the sector for ten years, she managed to completely miss the point where all creative functions became computerised and Apple Macs replaced sketch books.

Being unable to use the core design software that is now standard in all creative organisations and departments meant Caroline couldn’t get back into the job that she was previously qualified and experienced to do.

Caroline found Works Better and contacted the team directly for help. She was immediately supported with training on the software that she needed. This included a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud which meant that she could undertake online tutorials at home.

When Caroline felt she had learnt the basics, Joanne her Job Connector arranged for her to undertake a Work Placement at Fourteen19®, a youth marketing agency based in Elland. Whilst the daily journey from Hebden Bridge to Elland was initially a shock, she soon realised that this could be time for herself and turned the 40-minute commute to read a book or plan her shopping for the week.

The placement was a real success for Caroline. She already had strong team working skills but the boost in confidence the work experience has given Caroline means she is now ready for a new challenge.

Caroline said; ‘’ My two weeks at Fourteen19® have been a really great experience. It was great to get back into the swing of working again and to use some of my new-found skills. I was surprised how easy it was and any worries that I might have had were immediately removed once I got my feet under the desk.

I would definitely recommend Works Better to anyone who wants to get back into work but is worried that their skills are out of date. The Work Better team designed me a personalised back to work programme and I am really grateful for their support. ‘’


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