CV development makes huge impact

CV development makes a huge impact for Marie's job hunting

Marie had fallen out of work, when she joined Works Better.

Marie had fallen out of work, when she joined Works Better. She was keen to gain employment again but was unsure if she ever would be able to. Marie had lost all her self-confidence and motivation and had low functional skills, in particular, low literacy skills which she felt was a real barrier to finding more work.

Working with her Transitional Support Worker Debbie, Marie accessed some one to one support with Debbie to work on her confidence and to look at what type of roles Marie would like to do in the future.

After a few sessions with Debbie, Marie had created a new CV and began applying for cleaning jobs locally, she gained an interview at Liveability in Ossett for a domestic cleaner. The team then undertook some interview prep with Marie and this gave her the confidence she needed and helped her become sure of her own abilities.

After a successful interview Marie was offered the role and started her employment on the 16th of July.

Debbie has recently contacted Marie, as part of the in work support offer to see how she was progressing in her new role; Marie loves the job the staff and has been given job-related in-house training and has been encouraged to move into a care role. The company are assisting her with her literacy needs so that she can fulfil her training requirements and future development with the company.

*Please note candidates name has been changed to protect her identity


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