10 Top tips for interviews

Interviewing can be scary, it doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st or 10th interview they can be very nerve racking.

You are expected to sell yourself, be knowledgeable and make a good first impression.
Here are Works Better’s 10 top tips for interviews to make the process a little easier

1. Be yourself – Don’t be afraid to show your personality this helps companies see how you would fit within the team and learn more about your character.

2. Arrive on time and try to stay calm – As we’ve said interviews are nerve racking enough panicking won’t help, get there a little early giving yourself time to relax a little and wait to be seen.

3. Do your research – It’s important that you know about the company you are applying for showing your knowledge about the company helps the employer see your enthusiasm for the job.

4. Answer your questions fully and to the point - Always attempt to keep your interview responses short making sure you answer the question fully. Try and avoid ‘babbling’

5. Bringing notes with you is ok! Some people think bringing notes into an interview is unprofessional, but if anything it shows the employer you’re well prepared and have thought key points you would like to get across.

6. Have at least 2 questions prepared – The employer will ask you if you have any questions for them, this is a really important part of the interview to show your keen and want to know more about the job.

7. Dress Smart – First impressions count.

8. Do a mock interview – Who you choose to practice with is an important decision, you’re looking for honest feedback. Ideally, you should practise with someone with good interview experience who isn’t a friend or family member.

9. Remember to sell yourself – When people give examples to questions some people can be very modest in their involvement, be sure to make it clear why the example sells you… be proud if your achievements.

10. Don’t forget to Smile!


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