This Privacy Notice provides further detail on how your information may be shared through the Works Better programme. Information on how we use and share your information is contained in the Employment and Skills Privacy Notice, please see the link in the further information section below.

Works Better Privacy Notice

Works Better is an employment support programme funded by the European Social Fund, supporting local residents across Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield into sustainable employment.

The organisations delivering Works Better

Kirklees Council
Fusion Housing
Paddock Community Trust
Wakefield Council
Groundwork Wakefield
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Your data will be shared with these organisations. There is a data sharing agreement in place between Kirklees Council other local authorities, delivery partners, to ensure all data is securely transferred, handled, stored and destroyed.

In addition we may share your information with

With your agreement we may work with and therefore share data with other organisations to support you, this will be dependent upon your individual requirements.

Specific Categories of Information we will collect

· Personal information - title, first name(s), surname, address, postcode, email address , national insurance number, age, date of birth, right to work in United Kingdom, telephone no, name of any benefits being claimed, if you live in a single adult household, if you have dependent children, if you live in a jobless household, your highest level qualification, if you have a basic skills need, how long been out of work, details of your work coach (JCP), previous work history, previous employment support received, DBS disclosure where relevant, if you hold a driving licence

· Special Characteristics - gender, ethnicity origin, disability status.

· Attendance information

How we will further use your information

Your information will be used for statistical analysis to ensure the success of current and future programmes. The information will be used with details of others on the programme and you will not be personally identifiable.

Storing this information

Kirklees Council holds your personal information in a secure environment. As per the funding requirements for this programme, we are legally obliged to retain your information until the ESF programme is complete. This will be reviewed, however it is anticipated to be at the earliest, the 31st December 2033 to comply with ESF funding regulations.

Further information

If you would like further information about this privacy notice, please contact:

Victoria Harper

Economic Resilience Project Manager

(01484 221000)

Further information on Kirklees Council General Privacy notice and the Employment and Skill Privacy Notice (under the Heading Economy and Infrastructure) can be found at:

In addition the following information advises how the Department for Work and Pensions (ESF) collect and process your data.

The purposes of the data processing

The information you provide to Works Better will be shared with the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) and used to evaluate this project and to report to the Works Better and European Social Fund for monitoring purposes, in line with European Commission regulatory requirements.

Your information will also be shared with research organisations working on behalf of the Department for Work & Pensions who may contact you to discuss your involvement in the project for research purposes. Participation in research is voluntary and you will be asked to consent before taking part in any research activity you may be contacted about.

The DWP may also link your personal details to official administrative records in order to monitor your employment status before your ESF support began and 6 to 12 months after you left. This information may also be shared with research organisations working on behalf of the DWP however individuals will not be identifiable and you will not be contacted about this research.

Data will not be used or shared for any commercial or marketing purposes.

At all times your information will be kept securely, and nobody will have access to it that shouldn’t.

The lawful basis for the processing

For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the DWP is the data controller in respect to information processed which relates to all participation in the European Social Fund. ESF grant beneficiary organisations are data processors in respect to information processed which relates to participants in the operations and projects funded by the European Social Fund.

DWP is not the controller for any other / additional data collected by Works Better that is not essential for delivering the ESF programme, or for any personal data that would normally be collected anyway by Works Better.

The ESF Programme Action Note 018/18 sets out the lawful basis for processing personal data under ESF.

The retention periods for the personal data

All personal data held by DWP or research contractors for the purposes of evaluation will be permanently deleted no more than six months after the research has been completed (i.e. when the final report is published on GOV.UK).
Personal data held by DWP for all other ESF purposes as required by European Commission regulations will be retained in line with the current guidance on GOV.UK at:

The rights available to individuals in respect of the processing

If you do not wish your personal data to be used for ESF evaluation purposes please contact ESF.EVALUATIONS@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK and we will delete your data held for these purposes and you won’t be contacted about participating in research.

More information about how and why DWP uses your personal information, including how to ask for a copy of the personal information DWP holds about you can be found in DWP’s Personal Information Charter at:

Information about how to ask for a copy of the information DWP holds about you (known as a ‘Right of Access Request’) can be found at



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