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Tackling health barriers lead Gina into a career in care

Tackling health barriers lead Gina into a career in care

Gina was referred to Works Better through her brother who had engaged with the team at Paddock Community Trust on the Talent Match programme. Their family were impressed with the support on Talent Match so they decided we could help Gina to overcome her barriers to work.

Gina hasn’t worked before, she was going to have an arranged marriage but this did not happen, through the stress of these events Gina was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

She needed time to overcome the emotional barriers of her marriage not working out and being diagnosed with a mental illness as well as dealing with new medication and the side effects.

She was very shy and needed the support of her father to attend our first appointment. Through this first appointment we started a positive relationship and Gina knew she would get the support she needed from Works Better and myself.

The team and Gina looked into courses she could attend to build her confidence and where she could achieve an accredited qualification. We decided on Potential 4 Skills as they could provide a supportive environment that she needed as well as a cultural understanding on her past issues.
While attending the potential for skills course Gina decided to look into working in the care industry. As she’s a compassionate person who enjoys taking care of people.

Gina and the recruitment support officer, looked into multiple vacancies and found a local employer looking for part time carers so we completed an online application and emailed it off. Very quickly Gina received a phone call asking her to go in for an interview, which we prepared for through mock interview questions and preparing answers. Gina was offered the job on a 20 hour a week contract!

Gina was able to access in work support with After 4 months of having issues with her workplace asking to condense her hours. Gina called her TSW for advice where we spoke with JCP and they advised that because she was on Universal Credit and she will just need to alter her wage payments in her journal and this would work out on a monthly basis, however, this meant that she would be struggling to afford her mortgage. The team advised GN to speak with her manager in a calm manner and query the issue to try and resolve the situation and come to a mutual agreement that works for both parties.

Gina has since spoken with her manager and they have sorted out her hours on a rota which suits them both. Gina is very happy to be working and is thankful for our help. She enjoys working, meeting new people and caring for clients whilst being on a steady income!


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