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Support for Arish was the recipe for success

Support for Arish was the recipe for success

Arish, is originally from Sudan where he was employed as a Farmer, he has been in the United Kingdom for two years. He was attending ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) training to improve his English when he met the Works Better team. He was really motivated and keen to find employment so he came onto the programme to access support to apply for jobs.

He started to look at jobs that matched his skills and past experiences, but also met the needs of his growing family. His Transitional Support Worker, Richard helped him to produce a strong CV and encouraged him to undertake some employability training to get to grips with the skills that employers currently look for and ways to sell yourself at interview.

The Works Better team invited Arish to attend a recruitment event that was being held at the Piece Hall in Halifax as there were a number of positions available that the team thought he would be successful in. Richard did some preparation work with Arish, helping him to understand what required form was the roles and the qualities the company was looking for. He engaged on training and participated well in the group. He passed basic food hygiene and demonstrated a desire to work in a kitchen.

He made a great impression to the employer on the day and was successful in his interview and was offered a full time post. Arish was delighted to be offered the position and accepted the job. Our team continued to work with him, looking at better off in work calculations and helping him to communicate his job outcome for Universal Credit to ensure sure he gets top ups benefits for his family.


Arish's name has been changed to protect his identity


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