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Support enables Jack to 'check out'

Support enables Jack to 'check out'

Support from Works Better enabled Jack to produce a detailed CV that led to him gaining a key position with a local supermarket.

When the team first met Jack he had no idea what type of industry he wanted to work in. He had very little qualifications and work history included on his CV. 

Because Jack had only ever done temporary work he didn’t realise it was essential to add his short employment contracts to his CV. Whilst the jobs where only for a couple of months we explained to him that the experiences and new skills he gained needed to be demonstrated there.

With his CV sorted and after carrying out a career mapping exercise with Jack. It was identified that he would like to work in a customer-facing environment.

Jack attended some Inspire training sessions held at Fusion Housing to understand what employers look for and what skills he needed. This ensured that he felt prepared and confident in applying for customer-facing roles.

Jack said that he was surprised at how much he had learnt and told the team that usually he ‘doesn’t learn anything on these type of courses’.

With the additional knowledge of the industry and motivation from the Inspire training, Jack and his Transitional Support Worker went on to apply for roles online that would suit him. They spent a lot of time applying for roles at companies such as ALDI and ASDA completing online tests around competencies and Maths, in particular. They had to work quickly to ensure he met the deadline.

Shortly afterwards Jack was invited to attend a working interview, which he preferred because he got to show his skills and potential. Within days he received a call to say he had got the job!

The team at Works Better will continue to have regular contact with Jack providing in-work support where needed. 


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