• Returning to work after having children

Returning to work after having children

Returning to work after having children

We work with a lot of parents who are looking to go back to work after either having a child, or taking care of their children until they are old enough be in in full time education.

This can mean that people are out of work from 1- 4 years depending on how many young children they have. Returning to work can be a daunting and difficult time for parent’s looking to go back to work because of being away from a working environment for so long.

Here are some tips to make getting back to work that little bit easier.

1. Reconnect with the working you – Go back to before you had children and you were at work. Look at what your skills were and how you think you can best use them now. It can also help to reconnect with those who valued your skills when you worked with them. It would be helpful to call ex-colleagues to catch up for coffee and see what the options are available now in the area of work you did. This can really help you decide whether to go back down the same path or start looking for something new.

2. It will be hard at first – Getting into a new routine and environment can be challenging especially since you have been away from it for so long. No one expects new recruits to know everything straight away and understand it takes time to get the hang of a new job. Depending on the type of work it can take months to settle in- so it’s important to give it a chance and see it through.

3. Embrace your new skills – We have so many people say “I’ve lost my skills I have been away from work for too long”. This isn’t true, by being a parent you are bringing many more skills to the table that you may or may not have had before. A lot of parents adapt the ability to solve problems, excel in time management and multitasking. All these skills can be brought into a working environment and be useful.

4. Don’t be afraid to talk about flexible working – Not everyone seeking flexible work is a mum – there are dads and carers who want to work in a different way. The number of innovative employers is increasing that are changing their approach to finding new talent, and are focusing more on results, than time put in getting to work. Having a work-life balance is important for your health and wellbeing and relationships at home. Asking for that opportunity doesn’t hurt anyone.

5. Do your research – When you are looking to apply for new jobs, you should research the workplace you are applying to work in and the culture around working parents.

6. Getting used to the new routine – After a month or two the getting up early doing the school run and then getting into work will become second nature for you. It can take a while to get used to being in a new routine but making sure that you give yourself plenty of time beforehand to practice run a couple of school runs can really help when you do get back into work.

7. Support available – If you are worried or struggling with childcare issues when you do return to work there is support available to help you. https://www.gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs. The team at Works Better can provide support on this and talk through and discuss your options available. 

If you are looking to return to work after taking a break then our team can help you build back your confidence, look and apply for jobs, be ready to return to work and achieve that work-life balance.



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