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Personalised programme rebuilds Yvonne's confidence

Personalised programme rebuilds Yvonne's confidence

The support from Yvonne's Transitional Support Worker helped her to identify her strengths and rebuild her confidence after a career-threatening accident.

Yvonne found out about Works Better after applying for a job at Kirklees Council. She was unsuccessful at the interview but was told that the Works Better team would be able to help her become more confident when being interviewed.

In the first meeting with the team, Yvonne explained her personal circumstance; she took early retirement from the police force after sustaining an injury and has moved back up to the North of England with her partner. Since moving she has been struggling to secure employment and her confidence in her ability was deteriorating.

Yvonne and her Transitional Support Worker Lorraine went through her CV and work history in detail, highlighting her transferable skills that she should be showcasing as well as her qualifications and work experience. After that Yvonne carried out a career mapping exercise with the team which explored her strengths and attributes that she could bring to other career paths. Customer service was highlighted as an area Yvonne would like to look to get into.

As she was referred to receive interview support, the team knew that this was an aspect Yvonne was going to struggle with as a result of a lack of confidence.

Lorraine worked with Yvonne to ensure that she understood how to sell herself and answer questions confidently and to the point. By practising questions together and giving hints and tips to introduce her to the STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) model to help with her answers. Yvonne, she started to feel more confident in herself and proactively started applying for jobs.

With her newfound confidence, Yvonne started applying for other roles that she felt she would enjoy, amongst some of her applications were two customer service jobs. She was thrilled to be shortlisted for an interview. Lorraine then contacted one of the companies on her behalf prior and asked if they would have a telephone conversation with Yvonne to explain more about the role, what they want from a candidate and to make sure it was appropriate and Yvonne felt comfortable.

Shortly after submitting her application she was selected for a telephone interview which the team helped her to prepare for as the nerves started to kick in. Lorraine had some tips on how to prepare and built her confidence back up, reassuring her and making sure she felt comfortable.

She was successful and secured a face to face interview with the local housing association for a customer service role and was thrilled to be offered the position, the hours and role suited her circumstances and was going to give Yvonne her independence back.

In addition to this, she was also offered another part-time job on the same day from the second company that she applied to. When Yvonne phoned the team, she was overjoyed and she has decided to accept both as they are different but both play to her skills and strengths working with people.

Thanks to the support from the Works Better team Yvonne was able to build back her confidence, realise her potential and find work that fits perfectly around her lifestyle.


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