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Past no barrier to the future

The past is no barrier to the future

Thanks to Works Better, Tara's past wasn't a barrier to a successful future

When Tara first came to Works Better she seemed frustrated, anxious and had very low self-esteem. She knew that she wanted to get back into work but didn’t know where to start or what she wanted to do.

Tara had previous criminal convictions that are very old. After being knocked back from multiple job applications before coming to Works Better, Tara saw her past as the main barrier to finding work. The team felt that it would be best to start to build her confidence up and to help Tara realise her potential and ability to get a job.

Together with her Transitional Support Worker, Linda, they looked at a variety of courses available, to help her gain some skills and get an idea of what kind of job she wanted. Tara showed a keen interest to learn about the Health and Beauty industry. Linda looked for suitable courses that would provide the best value for Tara and enrolled her onto a health and beauty course at the White Rose Beauty College.

Tara was really enjoying the course but her anxiety started to get in the way and she began to worry that her convictions in the past would become an issue. To take away her worries and to reassure her that everything would be fine, Linda spoke with her college tutor and explained the situation. The college re-assured her that she was doing well in the course didn’t see her past as an issue.

After completing the Health and Beauty course, Tara wanted to learn more to add to her CV. She went on to complete a level 1 Maths course and an IT course to support her both at in work and home. This really helped her to feel like she was getting valuable experience and her confidence was growing.

It was shortly after attending an Inspire session held by the Works Better team Tara realised that she wanted to work with vulnerable adults who have been in similar situations to herself. Supporting people in her local community. 

Tara found a job at a local charity café where she felt she could make a difference. She had applied for jobs at the same charity before but was unsuccessful each time. However, with her newfound confidence, she was excited to try again.

The team supported her with the application and provided interview tips to help with nerves and keep her confidence up on a high!

Out of the 8 people that were interviewed that day, with her newfound confidence Tara stood out and got the job.

She has now been working for 2 months and is really enjoying it. She has received feedback from others at her work to say how bubbly and outgoing she is and is making a great impact on the team.

The team at Works Better helped Tara realise her potential, access training opportunities and grow the confidence to start her new career. Forgetting about any issues in her past and move forward.


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