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Determination helps Suma get the job!

After being unemployed for 2 years former teaching assistant Suma, managed to get herself a job as a school passenger assistant thanks to the support from Works Better.

Suma became unemployed after suffering from an illness and after the sudden death of her husband, she took time away from work to focus on her health and family.

Whilst attending a Step by Step job club Suma sought out the support from Works Better.
She came to Works Better full of enthusiasm ready to get back into work but felt that her age and lack of interview experience was a barrier for her when applying for roles.

It was there she engaged with Debbie and Liz to work on her interview skills, her CV and to build some confidence back up.

‘’I really benefitted from the interview skills, I was in the same job for 20 years, I didn’t have to have an interview. So I felt I had lost all my skills and had to learn how to sell myself and answer questions in the correct way all over again.’’

To keep herself busy after learning her new interview techniques Suma volunteered at the Step by Step job club in Batley. Talking to people in a similar situation to herself, sharing her experiences, letting them know where she found support and embedding herself into the community.

‘‘I would definitely recommend Works Better to people, Liz and Debbie have been a great support in my job searching and like I said before learning those interviews skills was hard, but rewarding to be able to learn what employers want.’’

Congratulations on getting the job Suma!


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