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Case Studies

Interview support helps Phillip back into employment

Philip Joined the Works Better programme after being unemployed for 2 years.

Since day one Phillip has shown his dedication to return to work and has been proactive in coming up with new ways to gain experience to get him ‘Work Ready’ by attending job clubs, employment training and by volunteering at Thornes Park on a weekly basis on their conservation project to gain relevant experience.

Phillip was able to secure many interviews but for one reason or another struggled to achieve employment. He received one to one support from his transitional support worker Rebekah and recruitment support officer Andrea in interview coaching and job searches, alongside training courses provided by Wakefield the team.

Whilst searching for jobs on programme Phillip attended the training courses provided and found the ‘driving your career’ was imperative in securing a job as it gave him confidence and scope to improve his interview skills.

With Philip’s new found confidence he was able to peruse and attend an interview with Wakefield and District Housing for a Care Taker position. He has successfully secured the position on a 6-month contract.

Phillip is thankful for the support provided by Works Better and the confidence and skills gained on the programme. He is now two months into the job and really enjoying it.

If you are unemployed and would like some support in gaining the right interview skills or to boost confidence then please do register your interest on our website



“It’s the Best Job I’ve ever had!”

The team at Works Better went to visit local employer Providor Ltd, based in Elland.


We caught up with the Recruitment Manager Liz Riley and spoke to Robert, a successful candidate on Works Better.


Robert secured a Job with Providor LTD with the help of the team to become a Smart Metering Planner.


When asked about his experience with Works Better and how he’s finding his new role Robert said;


‘’Works Better was brilliant! I had been on a lot of 'back to work' programmes but I felt as though they just wanted me there for their numbers or that they couldn't support me and there was no job at the end of it.


At Works Better, I had 3 meetings altogether, I told them where I struggled and they helped me to overcome that. The Job connectors put me forward for interviews and now I’ve got this Job. I can't thank the team enough for what they have done, it's been brilliant.


I am really enjoying it here. It’s the best job I’ve ever had and it's so different to what I used to do before.


I worked in security for a long time and then worked as a car valet but I had clashes with my previous employer and then went on temporary contracts. Now I’m here, I’m enjoying work and the team is great.


I’ve even told my friends to speak to the team at Works Better to see if they can help them as well. ‘’



Voluntary working has helped Samantha gain her confidence

Samantha a former teaching assistant joined the Works Better programme in October. She has been heavily engaged with the Career in Gear training sessions offered by the Works Better team.

From the training, Samantha saw the importance of developing her CV and has been engaged and has focused on interview support with her TSW Rebekah.
Samantha’s fully qualified as a teaching assistant but recognised she needed more experience back in the classroom.

So the Works Better team has offered to let her support in the employability sessions as an adult learning mentor. This opportunity will build her experience on her CV showing that she can work supporting different individuals.

Samantha is currently really enjoying this challenge is working closely with Rebekah to find suitable vacancies.

Works Better’s Continued Support Helped Amir Keep His Permanent Job!

After always being on short-term temporary contracts, Amir has managed to secure a permanent job and has now been in employment for 6 months with the help of Works Better.

Amir was one of the first candidates to enrol on the Works Better employment programme in June. Within weeks he had met with his Transitional Support Worker Tasha, completed his initial assessments and started to receive the range of support available on the programme.

Within the second week, Amir was able to secure a permanent position in Next Distribution centre in Bradford.

After being in temporary contracts all his life, it was clear that Amir’s barriers in employment where a fear of losing work and having low confidence.

Tasha made sure that she was there every step of the way to provide in work support for Amir when it came to building is confidence, supporting him with emergency tax protocols preparing him for his probation period review, making sure he knew what to expect from the process and how to manage his nerves!

Amir said;

“Tasha has been so helpful and supportive. She has helped me to apply for jobs, was friendly and honest and I trusted her opinion. She supported me in working on my interview skills, 1-1, and this helped me to be more confident in my interview and get the job!

The in-work support Tasha gave me helped me to build confidence and to talk to my colleagues as before in my previous job I would sit alone and not speak to other people. I am happy in the role that I’m in and would feel more confident if I was to move employment in the future.”

With the support provided by his TSW Tasha, Amir, has managed to stay in employment for 6 months and passed his probation period with flying colours!

How collaborative efforts from Calderdale and Kirklees Job Connectors from Works Better helped Robert find a job he loves.

Robert was referred to Works Better by his Job CentrePlus (JCP) Work Coach in June 2017. Shortly after completing his initial assessment, he was offered a work trial in a large local employer’s warehouse. After completing the trial he was successful and was offered a job.
However, Robert soon became disillusioned with the role as it offered limited hours and he did not have a good relationship with his supervisor. Through support from Works Better’s Transitional Support Workers, Robert was encouraged to persevere with the job whilst they searched for a more suitable job.

Soon after, Robert’s TSW met with Calderdale’s Job Connectors who identified that he may have the skillset required to fill a vacancy that a local employer had in their call centre. The Job Connector helped Robert develop his CV and arranged an interview for the call centre position around his current shifts.

Very shortly afterwards Robert contacted his TSW to say that he had secured an interview with the employer. He was then instantly booked in with CK Careers for some interview preparation. This mock interview boosted his confidence going into the real thing.

Robert was successful at interview and secured the job. His employer speaks highly of him and Robert keeps in regular contact with his Transitional Support Worker...he has also started recommending the Works Better programme to others who are in similar circumstances.

Works Better has enabled Robert to secure a sustainable job that he enjoys and there are opportunities for progression. The key to this success has been the communication between the different elements of Works Better to offer Robert the help and support he needed.


Works Better helps Malcolm get back on track!

Over the past few months, Malcolm has suffered his fair share of bad luck when he lost his car, which resulted in him losing his driving job.

Staying positive he engaged with the Step by Step provision and was referred to Works Better to support him in getting back to work.

As he no longer had a car, Malcolm was getting to appointments by bike. However Just as things were starting to get moving on his works better Journey Malcolm’s bike became irreparable - causing further stress with no way to travel to most of his appointments and activities provided by the team.

Steffi, Malcolm's Transitional Support Worker realised this could further affect his mental health and remembered that she had seen information for a bike charity in Spen Valley - Street Bike. After explaining Malcolm's situation street bike where happy to help him get back on his feet.

Street Bikes were so helpful and in their approach and spoke to Malcolm directly to get his address and then dropped a new bike with Malcolm back at home. He is now able to travel to all of his appointments and interviews and will hopefully peddle his way back to work in the New Year!
Good Luck Malcolm!

Tess found work with Works Better

Works Better helped Tess go from unemployed and homeless to a new job and home that she loves in under 5 months!
Tess had experienced some major life changes earlier this year. In March, she lost her public house tenancy, a career which she had successfully carried out for 15 years, and consequently lost her home. Shortly after, her long-term relationship with her partner ended after 17 years and she found herself single and homeless.

Tess made a homeless person’s application, which was accepted by the Local Authority and subsequently found herself in a homeless hostel and whilst she found her circumstances harrowing it was the loss of her 2 dogs that finally brought about depression. Tess, made applications via the housing register for properties in the Kirklees area and, at the end of May, she was successful in gaining a property in Birstall.

Upon becoming rehoused Tess moved out of her depressive state and even though she had few possessions she could be optimistic and see a brighter future. Tess claimed job seekers allowance and was given a list of local employment support services. In early June, Tess accessed the Step by Step service in Birstall Library and Information Centre. She registered with the service and confided with the advisor of her circumstances, the advisor recommended the Works Better Programme for Tess thinking the additional one to one support would provide a service to help her overcome all her barriers to employment.

Tess then accessed the Inspire Training via her Transition Support Worker who quickly identified Tess’s employability; this was also accompanied by referring Tess to a charity to assist her sourcing the basics for her home. Tess’s Transition Support Worker assisted with job applications whilst the training gave her, confidence and understanding on how to make meaningful applications, and develop her interview skills, she was also referred to mock interview prior to attending the interviews she gained.

By mid-July, Tess gained employment as a Catering Supervisor. Even though her journey on the Work Better Programme to gain employment was quick, the service was tailored to her circumstance, and the on-going support she will receive from her TSW aims to ensure that Tess’s employment is sustainable.
Tess was delighted with the Works Better Programme and the service she received, stating, “From knowing nothing about benefits, employment and housing assistance, the help and information that I received helped boost my confidence and made me feel confident, like an individual person. I gained invaluable assistance in gaining employment… I would recommend the service to anyone with any type of barriers for help getting a job.”



How the right training from Works Better helped Hasan get back into his dream job.

Hasan has recently secured his dream job with one of the country’s largest online retailers following IT training and a mock interview with Works Better.
Following a spell of unemployment, Hasan sought support from Works Better to help get him back on track and into his dream job. Formerly a security worker for several years, Hasan’s skills had become outdated and he found himself unemployed, which led to a drop in confidence that made finding work difficult.

After enrolling with Works Better, Hasan undertook a free “Healthy Mind, Healthy Employee” training session training to help him build his confidence, improve his physical & mental health and take the first steps back into employment.

With 1-2-1 support from his Transition Support Worker and the experience of a mock interview, Hasan was successful in the first round of applications and invited back for a second interview. Works Better also supported Hasan to regain his Security Industry Authority (SIA) badge and the computer skills training session helped to provide him with basic IT skills. Hasan found the courses and support helpful in getting him work ready, refreshing his confidence and updating the skills he needed for his next steps.

“Works Better has been so helpful and welcoming, they are down to earth people and I couldn’t wish for better people to work with and support me back into employment”

“I could have my dream job back, due to Works Better helping and supporting me with my SIA badge.”

“Works Better have taught me how to use a computer it is fantastic, I thought I would never be able to use a computer”
Hasan has been offered employment subject to successful completion of his training.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from personalised support from Works Better to turn their energy and enthusiasm into a job, then get in touch today.


Talking and listening made the difference for John.

John had sadly undergone a series of unfortunate events in his life and so needed a platform to get him back into employment. Having spent over four years out of work and claiming Employment Support Allowance, his confidence was very low and this was proving to be a major barrier that he was struggling to overcome.

The first thing that the Works Better team did was sit and talk. For John, these initial informal chats were a significant part of process of getting him back into work. He freely admits that at the beginning he wasn’t ready to attend group sessions. By having dedicated 1-2-1 support, he was able to overcome his worries and move forward.

Four weeks from making his first enquiry, John was back in work with a local construction company. Whilst in his role he will have access to a Works Better support worker who will be able to continue listening to John and helping him feel confident undertaking his new role.

“I felt ready to work but I was just worried that it would be too much. I know it sounds daft, but having someone to talk to and listen to me made me realise that I wasn’t the only one feeling like this and that it was quite normal. Having the 1-2-1 support built up my confidence and I can’t thank the Works Better team enough for getting me back to work and giving me a better way of life!”

Personalised support got Sarah into her perfect job

Sarah, 48, had previously been out of work for 6 months before seeking support from Works Better. Following leaving her job as a kitchen assistant she was keen to get back into a job she enjoyed, but found it difficult to find a role that suited her needs.

Having previously worked as a kitchen assistant for several years she was work ready, but just needed some help finding a role close to home. The Works Better team identified that gaining her Food Hygiene Certificate would support Sarah to achieve the job she wanted. Two weeks after coming to Works Better for help, following weekly 1-2-1 job hunting sessions with her Works Better advisor, Sarah got the call for an interview that she had applied to the day before.

Sarah’s Works Better advisor helped her prepare for the interview and arranged for her to complete the Food Hygiene Certificate after the interview. Sarah, who starts work on Monday, said “the help and understanding from the Works Better staff has been brilliant – they have been able to work with my employer to help get me the job. I’m really looking forward to starting and the extra income will be really useful!”

Please note: the participant's name has been changed for this article

Samina finds her feet as a Children's Support Worker

Samina was inactive before joining Works Better. Her partner works full time and she has 2 children, but she had decided it was time to start working again in order to increase their income so they could afford little luxuries for the children.

Samina was referred on to the Works Better programme through Action 4 Children which she accessed at Ravensthorpe Library. She was desperate to find work and wanted a position in support work or working with young children. Samina was unable to claim any benefits despite having 2 young children as her partner worked full time.

Samina attended meetings at Mirfield library as she lived nearby and initially looked at courses that she could begin in September such as Health and Social Work Level 1 or Childcare courses. Paddock Community Trust were running a one-week taster care course in Dewsbury that Samina attended called Adult Learning Programme. The course involved 4 days’ classroom-based learning and then a final placement day in a local support work organisation or care home.

The course tutor told us that Samina had been an excellent student and enjoyed her placement at a local support work organisation in Mirfield. Samina enjoyed the course and went on to work with CK Careers who helped her update her CV. Samina even introduced her friends to Works Better who were looking for new employment and we helped them to improve their CVs, after referring them to a Step by Step session.

Samina was considering going to The Northern College to do an access to social work course but decided against it due to childcare difficulties. Instead, she decided to do a local Health and Social Care course in Huddersfield.

She gained an interview at the organisation where she had carried out her placement. Samina prepared for the interview and as she was already familiar with the organisation she felt confident. The role was a children’s support worker and involved helping and assisting children with learning and physical difficulties in swimming and other physical exercises.

Samina attended the interview and the very next day received a phone call to say that she had been offered the job.

The role is at the weekends so childcare will not be an issue and she is still able to fit in her Health and social work course in too! Samina said of the Works Better programme “It has been very helpful in me getting a suitable job which I can’t wait to start!”





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