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Quick support helped Anton get help fast

Quick support helped Anton get into work

Anton needed help quickly from the Works Better 15-25 team - and he wasn't disappointed.

Anton came into the Huddersfield Careers Centre after seeing a vacancy advertised in the window for warehouse work.

He had recently moved to Huddersfield from Barnsley as a result of his home being repossessed leaving him struggling financial, particularly with paying his rent.

He was ready to work and wanted to get a job quickly but he couldn’t get past the job application stages. For that reason, his Key Worker signed him up for the Works Better 15-25 programme immediately and started to look at what types of skills he needed for the job.

Anton wanted to apply for a job that a Works Better Job Connector was looking to fill in Warehousing. This was an exclusive opportunity for candidates on the 15-25 project. To be put forward for the job all Anton had to do was fill in a quick application form and arrange a time for a phone interview which would then result in being shortlisted if successful.

The team supported him with his application and provided some tips on how to approach a phone interview. 

Anton was offered an opportunity by the employer to start work the following day on a trial period. However, this job role required work boots which Anton didn’t have the funds to purchase because of his financial situation. So the team used barrier breaker funding to help Anton get the precise work boots for him, so he could start his trial the next day.

Anton is currently working and his confidence has grown massively. It was thanks to the Works Better 15-25 team reacting so quickly to Anton’s needs that he was able to be more independent and get a full-time job that he enjoys.


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