We are not like other ‘into-work’ programmes. We help people who want to get into work overcome the barriers that are stopping them, and we support employers with suitable vacancies to access committed future employees. 

Works Better can now also work with people in Kirklees aged 15+ to find help with finding training, work and apprenticeship opportunities! 

We do this across all of Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield which means that we have lots of people and vacancies to bring together.

To speak to a member of the team, call 01484 221000 and ask for 'Works Better'.

Aged 25+

If you are 25 or over and looking to get back into work then our team can support you.

We all have barriers that stop us doing things - and in the case of getting a job it could cause childcare issues, low confidence, or a lack of basic IT skills.

Our experienced team will create a unique programme for you that maximises your potential and gets you back into work. Click here to find out more

For 15-25's

If you are aged 15-25 and looking for an apprenticeship or work then our team are happy to help.

Works Better 15-25 in Kirklees can help you work out what is best for you by looking at different career options apprenticeships and training opportunities.

Our team will create a unique programme that works better for you. Click here to find out more

For Employers

We have a dedicated employer team who are working with local businesses and sourcing vacancies for people who want to work.

Motivation, commitment and loyalty - these are all valued qualities, and when combined with the assurance that a potential employee has worked with us - then it becomes a viable recruitment strategy. Click here if you have vacancies available

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